Outsourcing the management of the ever-changing IT estate to a managed services provider (MSP) brings clear advantages to organisations. It allows them to outsource complex IT requirements to experts who can manage your estate on your behalf 24/7, ensures digital interfaces with clients are delivering optimum customer experiences and drives cost efficiency without the need for capital investments in resources. However, one aspect that is increasingly becoming a vital expectation of a MSP is to embed cybersecurity.

Recent breaches on large enterprises have shown the vulnerabilities of IT contractors and service providers that have led to customer data and credentials being stolen and held for ransom or sold on the black market. Along with the costs of recovery, this undoubtedly leads to a loss of customer trust and damage to brand reputation which can take an indefinite number of years to fix.

This reiterates the importance for organisations to choose a managed services provider that does not just add security as a feature but rather embeds the highest levels of security into their managed services. This effectively changes the conversation from expecting MSPs to be able to deliver secure managed services to now being able to deliver business resilience - allowing organisations to achieve their digital goals without putting themselves, their customers and stakeholders at risk.

This is something that NTT Group is proud of, because its clients are able to access the latest technological innovations in the market and hand the responsibility of implementing and delivering these solutions to fit the business’ digital objectives. But at the same time, embed leading security capabilities through its dedicated security centre of excellence, NTT Security – a globally recognised managed and professional security services organisation.

So to answer the question in the title – no, managed security and managed IT should not be mutually exclusive. It is directly applicable to cross collaboration between the CIO and CISO. Despite different day-to-day priorities, the agenda for both need to be aligned in order to achieve business objectives and be quick to market. Working with the right partner who can provide business resilience is one step towards achieving that.